I have been visiting, photographing and writing about camping and glamping sites for the past 5 years. During this time the impact and importance of a strong online and social media presence as a marketing tool has become invaluable to both new and established sites. While allowing greater freedom for some owners to run their own campaigns, many others find the prospect of having yet another ball to juggle while running a business just too much to manage. This is where Pitch & Co. can offer valuable support and assistance. In this post I will explain the benefits of investing in professional images and the impact they can have on your brand, social media presence and fundamentally on your bookings.

First Impressions Really Count

The photos you share on your website and across your social media channels need to make an immediate impact on your potential customers. We live in the age of Instagram with the appeal of a good shot, stunning view or unique backdrop selling holidays on their own strength. In this market first impressions really count so your key images need to draw your audience in within seconds of clicking on your website, Facebook page or Instagram feed. Low quality, out of focus or poorly composed images will leave site visitors feeling the same way about your brand and services. You may have the most stunning site or the most unique accommodation but if that isn’t conveyed almost immediately through your online presence potential visitors will keep clicking and move onto the next place.

Your Photos are Your Image

Shooting for a brand in the age of social media – whatever business they represent is about visual story telling and promoting an awareness of your individual ethos. In terms of promoting a camp or glampsite this may relate to sharing images to showcase your sustainable outlook, your approach to well being or the warm welcome you offer families. These take more than a point and shoot approach but involve careful planning to highlight outstanding features of a location or venue. Images represent you, your brand, your ethos and your level of professionalism. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words!

Long Term Planning

When I shoot a site I create a bulk package of images that will allow you to keep your social channels looking fresh and up to date for weeks to come. Whether you prefer to use Facebook or Instagram to keep your followers up to date with news and availability it is key that you are able to grab and maintain attention with a range of captivating images. This also allows you to visually showcase a wide range of your facilities over time keeping a stream of interest, customer interaction and a valuable outlet for sharing last minute availabilities.

What can I do for you? 

That really depends on what you need. I’ll run through a typical journey of working with a client on a photography campaign.

  • Face to face or Zoom consultation to discuss what you hope to achieve through your images. This might include sharing brand ethos, story telling ideas, long term social media goals or simply revamping a website.
  • Planning and preparation for site visit and shoot. In most cases this might simply be finding the right time to visit your site to best show case the range of services you offer. For others it might involve sourcing props or planning a longer stay to really get a sense of your brand and guest experience.
  • Site visit – depending on location and requirements this will vary on client by client basis. It might be short shoot taking just a couple of hours or a two day extended shoot experience.
  • Editing – Post visit I’ll select and edit a selection of images to best represent your site.
  • Delivery – I will create a folder of edited images designed to support your specific marketing requirements. The number of images will vary depending on the size of the project and your individual requirements.
  • Reward – Sit back and enjoy a slick looking website, engaging social media posts while your bookings start rolling in!

If you’d like to enquire about booking a photo shoot please contact Zoe at info@pitchandco.uk or 07800744926