PR is all about the art of getting the conversation going about your brand. It’s about connecting your brand and business with the right people and audiences; getting seen, written about and heard.

The days of just sending a press release to journalists are long gone. Communications and PR is integrated, multi-faceted, fast-paced and needs to be more authentically relevant than ever before.

A well thought out strategic PR strategy can be crucial to business growth. It’s all very well having a good business, but people need to know about it. Whether it is through media relations, good content creation, events, press office or creative campaigns, there are lots of ways PR and Comms can get your business the cut through it deserves.

It’s also important to be as reactive as ever. Keep on top of who is talking about what in the industry and ensure that they know about your camping or glamping site.

With over 25 years’ combined consumer, travel and lifestyle PR experience Wilderness PR, part of the Pitch and Co. collective are experts at harnessing any consumer-facing business visibility.

Alongside effective social media management, a good website, as well as other areas of marketing being facilitated, sprinkle good PR into the mix and watch the magic happen.


Lanterns and Larks, Sweffling Hall, Suffolk