Making your business truly sustainable can take years, it can’t be done overnight because there is a lot to learn about what the term ‘sustainable’ means and this changes every year thanks to the world being packed with products and messaging.  The basic principals are simple though, to be eco you must be responsible and conserve the impact your life and livelihood has on nature, the planet and the well-being of the area where you live and are situated.

I’m Claire and I am the self-taught Sustainability Expert here at Pitch & Co.  Environmental Sustainability is tricky because greenwashing is rife. The terms ‘green’, ‘sustainable’, ‘eco-friendly’ did once mean trust and that a purchase with these terms would be a safe buy for environmentally conscious consumers. But as sustainability has grown more popular, green buzzwords are being used sell products and services, without actually taking the steps to ensure those products are people and planet kind.  Consumers such a myself who are interested in sustainability are incredibly savvy and know their stuff, we can spot a red herring a mile away!

A perfect eco stay for me is one that feels comfortable, conserving the area it’s set, escapism (off-grid is great!), adventure time with my family.   For me the luxury element of Glamping is not have to see polluting products or ways when I need to relax.   I lead by example at home to my two children, ensuring they are both aware and play an active role in climate change and plastic pollution issues, and I can help you do the same in business.

You may want to start the process in your own home with an audit of what cleaning products, Landry products you use, how you save water (cooking pasta in water that’s unsalted and cooled is perfect for watering plants) who you bank with, through a personal audit then we can move on to how your business can create you profit but with the smallest footprint on the planet and people.

Camp Kindling, August 2021